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Email Hoax – 35 Million Dollar Car Collection Found in Abondoned Barn – True or False?

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Remember that old email about the New York man who bought land in Portugal and found a mysterious barn full of old cars on it? Well that story is bunk, although with a delicious nugget of truth in the center, as usual. Instead of being a magical mystery barn that some lucky fool found on his newly purchased land, it actually just belongs to an old man who owned a car dealership in the 70s and 80s. He decided to save the more interesting cars that he came across during his life.

The pictures came about on the internet because the owner hadn’t seen his collection for a while and asked a man to go take pictures of the barn and the cars for him, and he did. According to that guy, there are 180 cars in the barn.

Check out the actual pictures:

Here’s what the old completely false email used to look like:

A New York man retired. He wanted to use his retirement money wisely, so it would last, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal. The modest farmhouse had been vacant for 15 years; the owner and wife both had died, and there were no heirs.

The house was sold to pay taxes.

There had been several lookers, but the large barn had steel doors, and they had been welded shut. Nobody wanted to go to the extra expense to see what was in the barn, and it wasn’t complimentary to the property anyway… so, nobody made an offer on the place.

The NY guy bought it at just over half of the property’s worth; moved in, and set about to tear in to the barn – curiosity was killing him. So, he and his wife bought a generator and a couple of grinders… and cut thru the welds.

What was in the barn? Don’t miss it!

And, of course, the pictures:

You can see the entire collection of pictures here

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2 Responses

  1. A Will says:

    Ahhh is it too late to claim the cars?? I’d take them off their hands :)

  2. pjkennedy says: