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Electrifying Volta Motorcycle

Posted in EcoLust, Electric Vehicles, Motorcycle by Dustin Driver | May 12th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

I must tip my hat to Han Solex of Hooniverse, who found this ridiculously wicked Volta electric motorcycle. It’s a Royal Enfield with a meaty EnerTrac MHM-602 motor and a 102-volt LIFEPO4 6KW battery pack. How much power does it put out? Enough to electrocute a horse. I imagine it’d turn that skinny rear tire into molten rubber in an instant and would gladly kill you on a twisty mountain road. What more do you want from a motorcycle? Price for the gorgeous retro-zapper is a shocking $18,500, but it may just be worth it. Check out Hammerhead Motorcycles’ site for more info.

Source: Hooniverse

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