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3 Electric Cars To Revolutionize Driving

Posted in Alt Fuels, Commuter Cars, Electric Cars, Tesla by Corey | May 6th, 2008 | 8 Responses |

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors opened its first dealership in Santa Monica, Calif., on Friday, attracting a gaggle of reporters. And it will continue to push the electric car revolution forward. Bring peace and a huge electricity bills to all those that can afford fancy looking cars and high electric bills.
electric cars by tesla

Zap Electric Cars

Zap produces a line of scooters,bikes, and electric cars. My personal favorite being the Zap Alias.
electric cars
Priced out at 32,500 and expected delivery of 2009 this looks like a car to drool over in years to come.

Commuter Cars

This is a car I can actually see many people buying who live in urban markets. Commuter Cars produce a ridiculously amazing little car called the Tango. The revolutionary commuter vehicle that combines the speed and agility of a motorcycle with the security and comfort of a high-performance sports car.
Electric Cars
It’s basic model prices out at around 19,000 with future delivery in 2010 expected. Something pretty unique and affordable.

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8 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    High electric bills? As opposed to monstrous gasoline bills? Take your pick. Oh and Zap has a history of promising cars and not delivering. This is probably one of them. I like the Tango, but their basic model is going to be a real long time before it comes out. The upper end model costs more than the Tesla. I hope electric cars can be offered at more affordable prices. Take care.

  2. Hil says:

    Personally, I think the Alias is ugly, but there are a lot of electric options coming up in just the next two years. What I hate is that federal tax incentives (at least in the US) for home solar/wind set-ups is ending this year, before people really see their potentials. :/

  3. Karma says:

    Electricity is about one-third the price of gas or about 3 cents per mile. These cars are pretty expensive; although the Alias is not available. To be fair, Zap is already selling other city cars, trucks and fleet vehicles, not to mention motorcycles, scooters and electric bicycles.

  4. tatyanna says:

    the zap is ugly who would make something so hideous i would never sit my ass in something as ugly as that shitt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Smart Cars says:

    This are the true car or just a photoshop edit. I hope we will use this electric cars in future.

  6. Used trucks says:

    Hey even I feel that there is a need to invent electric vehicles as there is a depletion in the fossil fuels. Even trucks should be launched in a electric version. I feel this will help to reduce the pollution. More and more such new techniques should be launched.

  7. e46 m3 says:

    ok… so I am just a “bit” late commenting on this post… but I just found it while searching for some electric car stuff I was looking for on the web. Recently I was in L.A. visiting a friend in West Hollywood and his next door neighbor has a Tesla. I was incredibly impressed with the car and it got me wondering why we don’t have more of them around North America. It is an incredible rig and the design really excited me. Then I started thinking about how so much of the existing infrastructure is based upon the internal combustion engine and how it’s going to take decades to get people (and the technology) oriented towards cost effective manufacturing and delivery of electric power in cars.

    Anyway, my vote goes to the Tesla in this post…it’s the most practical, yet appealing looking car. The other two are too radical and futuristic for me. Just my two cents!

  8. Dinho says:

    Most of you dont think where electricity is coming from… Electricity is mainly produced in coal, oil and gas power plants… So unless all countries became 100% renewable (wind, pv, hydro etc) the polution is still going to be there…