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Electric-powered ’72 Datsun is a Drag Strip Legend in Portland

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Electric Cars, Emissions, Hybrid by will bee | August 2nd, 2007 | 3 Responses |

If ever there was an inconspiquous sleeper car, a 1972 Datsun 2-door slipping silently into place at the drag strip would be the ultimate. We have mentioned here for a weeks that the ultimate test facility for hybrid technologies and electric cars would be on the track. If you want to go after American horsepower and topple it in the dealership you first have to be able to out-run it at the races. And that is just what John Wayland has been doing with his ’72 Datson in Portland, Oregon since the 90’s.

We talked yesterday about the results of leaving a gearhead craftsman unattended with a CNC machine. This time you can witness what happens when a man gets a pentiant for electric motors, a ’72 Datsun and the need for speed.

The key ingredients to the might that is White Zombie (the moniker earned by this winning racer) are 2 electric forklife motors, 36 inter-linked batteries, a controller component and nerves of high voltage. Those ingredients meld together to enable a zero-to-sixty in 3 seconds and a quarter mile time just over 11 seconds at 109-mph.

Watch the following clip from the Wall Street Journal for the back story of this 1972 Datson and to see just what John Waylands White Zombie is capable of against both modern and classic “Gassers.”


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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    That’s one serious ‘Volts-wagen’..

  2. Rob Jones says:

    This is the way forward…………..very quickly!!

  3. Rob Walter says:

    This is exactly what the corporate automakers, oil companies and the government never want you or anyone else to see. Keep it up John!