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Electric Motorcycle Concept + Shared Battery Technology = The Future

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Paolo De Giusti

Those of us who ride motorcycles are always looking for the latest and greatest on two wheels. You see like the automobiles that we all know and love the motorcycle also evolves over time and with each new innovation the performance gets better and better. I recently wrote an article on MINI’s new all electric concept runabout, the eScoot. It’s small and would most likely do great around town and in urban areas. What if however you wanted something with a bit more in the way of performance and a lot more in the way of looks? Right now your options are a big fat “0” but if a certain industrial designer from Italy has anything to say about it, we may just be in luck.

Paolo De Giusti

Paolo De Giusti, the mastermind behind this concept wants the bike not only to be efficient, but utilize new shared battery technology. Below is a statement from Paolo De Giusti on why his concept could in fact become a reality. Keep in mind when you read this that his English is somewhat broken, his point however comes across loud and clear.

Paolo De Giusti

One big problem of Electric bikes is the time to recharge the battery. With a system of shared battery, a standard battery is recharged in an Automatic Robot Station (Used also by Cars ) and you can mount another identical battery load 100% and pay only for the used energy (remaining battery energy is reused). With this system you can keep the old network of petrol stations, furthermore, the battery in the new electric vehicles is comparable to a conventional engine, I mean that the performance of Motorcycle derived mostly from the battery and not from the engine, so every time you will have a technological evolution of these batteries these can be used also in “old” motorcycle to improve performance, in this way you can save your vehicle from a fast obsolescence.

Source: BeautifulLife.info

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  1. DaveMofo says:

    When you stated the designer was an Italian industrial engineer I crossed my fingers and said “please be Zonda please be Zonda please be Zonda no? Shit.”