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Electric Cars are today what the Hot Rod was in the 50’s

Posted in Electric Cars, Emissions, Hybrid by will bee | July 24th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Just as men like Vic Edelbrock Sr. and Carroll Shelby greatly advanced the Hot Rod and sports car markets in their day there are people at home today that are forging the future of the electric car. Maybe someday there will be electric car parts manufacturers named after one of them.
Today we have been giving light onto the topic of those who are bringing electric from out of the darkness and onto the paved streets. Some do it for their own benefit in driving while others do it to champion the cause. And then there are some who work on their own electric experiments just to say they did it. Whatever the reason the Electric car is finding fans and enthusiasts in many nooks and corners of the country.

Take a look at what these two young men have accomplished with a small pick-up and about $1,000 in batteries.

While there 30 mph electric-assist pickup may not be ready to race a Tesla Roadster we certainly applaude the spirit of adventure with which its builders are racing forward.

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