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Electric Car = Free Parking at LAX

Posted in Chevrolet, Domestic Rides, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, General, Rides by MrAngry | February 16th, 2011 | 3 Responses |

Electric Car Parking LAX

If you’ve ever flown into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) then you know that it was designed to be a monumental pain in the ass. Transportation is a nightmare and parking, as with most big city airports is ungodly expensive, unless that is, you own an electric car. Apparently if you own an electric vehicle you get the wonderful perk of parking for free for up to 30 days – that’s right I said free! Not only does it not cost you a nickle but they provide you with charging stations as well. That means if you go away on extended business travel that you could save up to $900.00 depending on where you used to park in the airport. Not to shabby right? Originally there was some talk of cars like the Chevrolet Volt not being allowed to park in these designated lots due to the fact that they weren’t 100% electric, but apparently the folks at LAX have let them slide.

This is a great perk for those with EV’s, but honestly I think that it’s going to be short lived. You see whenever a business (and make no mistake LAX is a business) see’s that they’re losing money, that perk and or giveaway will generally meet its demise once the bean counters find out. I mean sure, there’s definitely a possibility that I could be wrong about this, but I betcha’ that within’ one years time EV owners will once again be paying for parking just like everyone else.

Source: TheFutureIsElectric.com

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3 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I remember the first time i parked at LAX (and the only time i did it to park over a period of time) i left my car there for 3 nights while i was in san francisco… i didn’t realize that it was 33 dollars per day, so 99 dollars for the whole thing. The plane tickets were cheaper (39 each way)

  2. Hal (RSA) says:

    Okay. I want to know who is subsidizing those parking spaces and charging stations.

  3. MrAngry says:

    Hal, that is a VERY good question…