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“EL CHORRO” – Mad Max, your new car is ready…

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1969 Dodge Daytona EL CHORRO

When I first laid eyes on this rendering of a post-apocalyptic 1969 Dodge Daytona, my jaw dropped. First off it’s simply cool as hell, and second it makes me want to go out and buy a jet turbine to stuff in the back of the one we built. This creation was done by 3D artist Márk Mészáros and was inspired by the cars of the Fallout video game series, as well as those from the Mad Max trilogy. By utilizing such graphic programs as Lightroom, V-Ray and Photoshop to create this masterpiece, Márk has manage to take one of the coolest cars on the planet and make it even better. What’s truly amazing though is the level of detail that has been integrated into this piece. Whether it’s the “EL CHORRO” pin-up art on the door, the tire tread on the old school BFG Radial T/A’s, or the worn out “Happy Face” sticker on the back of the fuel tank. This bad boy is one of the coolest rides I’ve ever seen.

Source: Deviantart.com

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