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Ekranoplane: Cold War tech never looked so cool!

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Developed during the Cold War, the Ekranoplane is a vehicle that looks as though it came directly out of a science fiction novel. It was neither a boat nor an aircraft, but a craft that utilized ground effects technology so that it could basically hover along the surface at high speed. Developed largely by the Soviet Union and originally intended to be used as a high speed transport vehicle, the Ekranoplane basically road over the water a speeds of over 400 mph. One such class of Ekranoplan, the Lun-class was even fitted with six missile tubes for anti-surface warfare and could travel at almost 300 knots. Very impressive for a vehicle that weighed in at 286 tons. When the cold war ended, development of the Ekranoplan slowed, however models are still produced in small numbers for industrial and civilian usage. Whichever way you look at it though, there is no denying that it packs a visceral impact that very few other vehicles can match.

Source: Youtube.com

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