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8+ Minutes of Old School Nürburgring Crashes

Posted in Car Stunts, Cars, Racing, Stunts, Videos by Adam | May 17th, 2009 | 3 Responses |


If you’re as obsessed with the Nürburgring as I am you’ll no doubt recognize this section of the Nordschleife as Adenauer Forst — a section of the course that catches out many drivers whether it be on track or in their living rooms with video game controller in hand. My friend Tom and I used to play a lot of Gran Turismo 4 after marathon sessions of alcohol consumption and the only track we’d ever pick was the ‘Ring. We had a very specific strategy for making it through Adenauer Forst that we always joked we would utilize in or first trip to the track in real life: hop the curbing and cut across the grass.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are eight minutes and thirty-seven seconds of spin outs, wrecks, rolls and yes, short cuts through the grass at Adenauer Forst circa 1970. God forbid any of you poor bastards are at the ‘Ring when Tom and I show up.

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3 Responses

  1. Lightnup says:

    “Um, dad? I know you said I could only take the car straight to school and straight back home but….um…something sorta funny happened on the way home….”

  2. Connor says: