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Edmunds Reminds Us to Always Do Our Homework

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As a brother and surrogate shopper/researcher for friends and family the story of a brother coming to a sisters aid while car shopping many miles apart strikes a chord. There are many times a week where friends and family contact me to do a little specialty shopping or product comparison research for them before they buy. The smart friends give me time… as it seems time is sometimes required to find the best deal or information. But there are instances where time is of the essence and a decision is made in-spite of research.

Do Your Homework
When you are car shopping Research is the most valuable tool at the shoppers disposal. Thanks to the internet we now have a weapon to fight back against our shopping enemy: the Dreaded Dealership and their Sales-minions. Despite the friendly smile and firm handshake if you go in there thinking that Salesman is your friend and is there do cut you that break you are bound to feel the pain of getting burnt. You may not feel it right away. You may not feel it the next day. But that burnt feeling will eventually find its way through your bank account, into your nervous system and up into your brain where it will explode into a sudden outburst of “Nooooo!!”
Do not let that happen to you. There are a number of vital resources available to you when you are researching your next car. Do not be the pawn in that chess match with the Dealership. You are the King AND Queen in this battle. It is up to you to make the Dealership submit on your terms.

Check out the example on edmunds on why further research is always a wise precaution.
Here are a few sources you can use to research your next car purchase:

Edmunds.com to research that new or used car.
Kelly Blue Book to research your trade-in.
MSN Autos for new car details and comparison.

And if you are still in doubt you can always contact us here at RideLust.
Good Luck and Happy Shopping.

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