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EcoLust: VW’s 2011 Touareg Supercharged Hybrid

Posted in EcoLust, Hybrid, Volkswagen by Kurt Ernst | March 13th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Here’s what you need to know about the 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid: it’s got a blown V6 engine and it puts out 380 horsepower and 428 ft lb of torque. It’s one of the two fastest VW’s built, and 0 to 60 comes up in 6.2 seconds on the way to a 149 mile per hour top speed. That’s not great for a sports sedan, but that’s pretty damn impressive for a full size SUV. I’m not really a hybrid guy, and I’m not really a luxury SUV guy, but I sure hope that VW throws one of these into the press fleet. There are two videos below: the first is an oddly creepy VW ad, while the second features racer Ryan Arciero telling you why you’re going to want to dive this rare beast.

As you’ve probably guessed, the Touareg Hybrid isn’t cheap. In fact, pricing starts at $61,385, but that buys you a very well equipped SUV. Gas mileage is impressive for a full size SUV (especially one with this much grunt), but at a highway rating of 24 MPG it’s still more cost effective to take the Prius to visit Little Red Riding Hood.

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One Response

  1. BigRuss says:

    thats an amazing machine… just needs the TDI motor to run it… i think that they could easily make an EV Touareg running the 4cyl TDI motor as a generator…