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Eccentric Motors: The World’s Greatest Car Shows

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Car shows are always popular choices for automotive designers and manufacturers to debut their latest and greatest creations. They’ve been known to debut cars that run off everything from grass clippings to jet fuel, as well as cars so small that they’re only meant for one person. Some of these machines are ingenious and light years ahead of what the market is ready for, however thanks to cars shows we have the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the future of the automobile. Below is a list of events from around the world that should fulfill the needs of just about every automotive enthusiasts.

• International Motor Show – Geneva, Switzerland
The International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland has been held every year since 1905 and showcases a wide variety of rides from classic, to electric vehicles, to cutting edge concepts.

• Tokyo Motor Show – Tokyo, Japan
The Tokyo Motor Show is the world’s most anticipated car show. It has been running for over 40 years and features cars from over 12 different countries. However, it’s the wide variety of unique and crazy machines that really get the people talking.

• Beijing International Automotive Show – Beijing, China
China has really made its mark on the automotive industry by featuring some very unique car exhibits. A relatively new car show, the Beijing International Automotive Show has already debuted some of the most talked about cars for the future. Including most recently a small yellow electric car (electric cars are coming out left and right) that looks like something out of a cartoon.

• The New York International Automotive Show – New York, New York USA
The New York International Automotive Show is the largest single enclosed event in the city of Manhattan. Manufacturers are primed and every spring debut some of the greatest cars scheduled for the upcoming model year.

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