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eBay Motors Ride of the Day: 2004 Custom GMC Yukon Denali

Posted in Car Photography, Cars, Custom, eBay Motors, GM, SUV by Suzanne Denbow | August 20th, 2008 | 4 Responses |

Bragging features on our eBay Motors Ride/Attention Whore of the Day include:

  • Custom Ferrari-red paint
  • Color-coordinated 18″ Assanti rims
  • Front suicide doors
  • Rear gullwing doors
  • Aftermarket train horn mounted behind front grill
  • Suede Interior headliner
  • Snakeskin seat inserts
  • In-dash TV/DVD/NAV system
  • 4 headrest-mounted TV screens
  • 50″ rear cylinder-mounted LCD TV screen

A train horn and fifty-inch LCD screen? Really?  Really.
We are speechless.

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4 Responses

  1. ajay kumar says:

    nice one!

  2. Polin says:

    WTF? First of you spend all this money on the outside and the inside looks… well.. stock?….second, you spend all this money and the outside still looks like this? How is it even practical with the gull wing doors? also, its an suv and you have those low profile tires? yeah i like to see you actually drive it like an SUV and not a trailer queen…

  3. seth says:

    i own this car. and it drives like smooth. i drove it form alabama to south carolina with no problems at all. and its def not a trailer queen. a matter of fact it hauls my artic car 1000 atv all the time. the list forgot baer brakes all the way around a custom air ride no stock.

  4. Frank says:

    I agree with seth….