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eBay find of the Week: This Pantera Rocks!

Posted in Ford, General by will bee | July 29th, 2007 | 1 Response |

De Tomasa Pantera

This eBay find of the week comes off the heels of a recent De Tomasoannouncement written about here by David Allen. It looks as though the company is going to start producing cars again, which makes this weeks eBay find a true black gem.

One persons treasure is an auction-able object soon to fulfill another personsdream. That is the case for this finely restored Pantera that by this time has reached its closing without finding a bid above its reserve. After investing more than $50,000 and countless hours into bringing this one-time fastest production car in the world back to life who can blame him for protecting that investment. But it would seem certain a reasonable offer post-bidding would be considered.

De Tomaso Pantera

Can you not just see yourself strapped inside that black cockpit feeling the rumble of that Ford 351 Cleveland engine nestled snuggly behind you?

De Tomaso Pantera

Finding a Pantera in such prestine shape is rare and serves as evidence of what a magnificent addition this car would be to any collection. If there was room in my stable and an extra stash of cash to spare the bidding would have been over by now. Instead it will just have reside in my very crowded mental auto museum.

Be sure to head over to eBay and give this De Tomaso Pantera some appropriate loving.

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