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eBay Find of the Day, EcoLust Edition: 1964 Ford Ranchero Diesel

Posted in Alt Fuels, auto industry, Cars, Diesel, eBay Motors, EcoLust, Emissions, Ford, Fuel-efficient, General, Trucks by Suzanne Denbow | November 16th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Before you begin feverishly banging out a nasty comment reminding me that the Ford Ranchero was not offered with a diesel option, bear in mind that this is an engine swap. The body is a reasonably well-kept ’64 Ranchero and the powerplant is an anonymous 6-cylinder diesel unit. The seller appears to know next to nothing about his diamond-in-the-rough, except that he expects it’ll fetch at least $5k and that the 40-gallon-tank is in some way supposed to compensate for the noticeable rust spots and crudely repaired interior (actual quote: “The yellow is sealing foam my bad I should remove that. Oh well you’ll need something to do besides drive a LONG way on one tank of fuel.”). Still, it made my watch list.

via: eBay Motors

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