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eBay Find of the Day: 1986 BMW L7, Probably Ill-Advised Edition

Posted in auto industry, BMW, Cars, Classic, eBay Motors, Foreign Cars, Luxury Cars by Suzanne Denbow | November 24th, 2009 | 7 Responses |


Yesterday, during the over-hyped debut of the new 2011 5-Series, I made a nostalgic reference to the extinct front end styling of 80s – early 90s Bimmers and, much to my surprise, received nary a grammatically incorrect letter of dissent. So, it is on that faintly encouraging note that I bring to you Tuesday’s eBay Find of the Day: a mint condition, one owner 1986 BMW L7. As classic BMW enthusiasts are already aware, the L7 was a souped up version of the 735i originally introduced exclusively to the American market to sate the growing, fervent luxury ride lust of gangster rappers and coke dealers. Plebeian wood trim was replaced with sumptuous leather on the dashboard and door panels and enough extra interior accessories were added to ensure European automotive garages no shortage of business decades down the road. As was intended, the L7 eventually became the ultimate status symbol and, after putting a few years on it, the biggest electrical nightmare outside of a Land Rover dealership.

This particular L7, however, appears to be in excellent working condition and was apparently meticulously cared for by its one owner. The original leather is not only still intact but as blemish free as the day it was driven home and the seller has all of the service records in his possession, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. My personal spending limit is somewhere around $5k which puts me out of the race for this gem, but if I had the scratch I can assure you this would be making its way home to momma. Reliability be damned.

Pics after the jump

Source: eBay

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7 Responses

  1. tehllama says:

    “received nary a grammatically incorrect letter of dissent”

    If you’re referring to your own grammar, then you are correct. We’ve given up on you.

  2. Suzanne Denbow says:

    Hey man, I never denied my own hasty mistakes. Thanks for putting the penis pump down long enough to bang out a comment though. ‘preciate it.

  3. mike says:

    do i sense sexual tension in the air?

    seriously though, i don’t see how everything in that car could possibly still function. then again, i’ve had an early 80s rolls royce come in with 14k original miles, so i guess you never know

  4. deez nutz says:

    What good is the post option if RIDELUST picks and chooses what comments to post….Commies!


  5. jim the bimmerman says:

    I saw this vehicle at the dealer. The pictures are generous to say the least. The drivers side door panel leather is very worn (they may have sold the panel and replaced it with one in poorer condition because the rest of the leather looks great), the ceiling upholstery needs replacing (smokers car) as dothe tires (TRX = $1000) and there are a few electronics problems (HVAC, power windows, etc). The car also sounded like it had a timing belt problem. Other than that, it was in good shape, for a buyer patient enough to do some light restoration work.

  6. thomas says:

    Why do you remove comments? THIS SITE SUCKS!

  7. Miguel says:

    I love that nose cone from early Bimmers