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ebay Find of the Day: 1972 Mercedes Diesel Unimog is a Big-Wheel Joy Toy

Posted in Diesel, Mercedes Benz by will bee | August 19th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |


This 1972 Mercedes-Benz  Unimog 406 Diesel might be just the right big wheel for some lucky bidder. With the exhaust snorkel built in and large tires it is definitely built for fun.. or business. The short-wheel base green monster appears sturdy and ready to perform whatever task is handed to it. Also, with some minor appearance and comfort modifications to the cab this could be one distinct ride. An additional option would be to pair the old Mercedes-Benz diesel engine with a corn-oil conversion. Get a hold of one of your own etruk distilling systems and you can convert all the free used grease you can get a hold of to drive your new toy around. It is a classic toy just begging to go green and get muddy and productive.


Maybe I should put my own bid in on this unique 4-wheeler. Check out the auction on ebay but if you happen to see me bidding do Not bid against me. Or at least offer to take me for a ride if you do out bid me.

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