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eBay Find: 1915 American Lafrance Speedster

Posted in eBay Motors by MrAngry | March 12th, 2010 | 1 Response |


Maybe you’ve been looking for something different. You know, that certain car that will stand out in the crowd of Camaros and Coronets that clog-up your favorite Friday night car show. You want to be noticed, regarded and most of all talked about. Well then, look no further because your old friend Mr. Angry has found the car for you.


This hulking mass of macho metal started out almost 100 years ago as an American Lafrance fire truck and over its lifetime has seen some modifications. The biggest one is obvious, as it’s no longer a fire truck but a dual chain driven speedster. Hell, the stats alone will make you chuckle.


ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS: 14.5 liter, 820 cubic inches, 105 hp and it’s a 6-cylinder T-head! Not that I know what that is…


I would love to own something like this, as it is such a unique piece of automotive history. This baby also has to be an absolute hoot to drive. Just imagine rolling into your local car show behind the wheel of this mastodon. You’d immediately be the star, you’d stand out above everything else and I can almost guarantee that your ego will be completely satisfied.

Take a look at the auction on eBay as this puppy really is a treat for the eyes.

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One Response

  1. Bowtie says:

    This car was was sold last summer from this individual (http://www.tomlaferriere.com/) who lives in RI. It was in the NE area for a while I saw it at several shows. It is truly a remarkable vehicle especially when you see it run.