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eBay Deal of the Week: 1971 Cadillac ‘Camino

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They rode like luxury liners, had absolutely no steering feel whatsoever, and were the size of a city block. The Cadillac’s of the 1970’s were some of the biggest and most comfortable automobiles ever produced in Detroit and if you’ve never driven one, well then, you’re seriously missing out. What you are seeing here is a Cadillac (of sorts), that’s been tastefully modified into the worlds coolest Cadillac / El Camino hybrid. Located in Lakeland, FL, this ’71 Fleetwood is truly a sight to behold. From the acres of gold paint, to the near perfect interior, to the 8-foot bed that you can fit a king sized mattress in, this wire-wheeled creation is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Check out more pics after the jump or go directly to the eBayMotors link below.

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  1. im white says:

    this caddy started its life as a hurst..i have seen a couple of these before