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eBay Deal of the Week: 1972 Jensen Interceptor FF

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If you’re familiar with the Jensen Interceptor then you know that it was a grand touring hybrid of sorts. A combination of British style and American power, the Interceptor was one of those rare cars that never really saw the success it deserved. This is an unfortunate thing since Jensen was truly on the forefront of automotive development. What you are looking at here is a 1972 Jensen Interceptor FF, the worlds first four-wheel drive, V8 powered super-sedan. These cars were built in very limited numbers, so finding one in pristine condition is almost impossible. The one you are viewing here is currently up for sale on eBay and is reportedly the last one built in the third series of cars done between 1966-1972. Said to have gone through an extensive $160,000 restoration, this may in fact be one of the best remaining left. Click through to view more photos or click the link below to go directly to the auction.

Source: eBayMotors.com

Jensen Interceptor FF





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