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eBay: 1979 Thunderbird is the Best of the Worst.

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1979 Ford Thunderbird

There is no glory in owning an American car from 1979. They were slow, cheaply made and for the most part, ungodly ugly. Combine that with the fact that the late 1970’s were the age of the automotive add-on and well, you can see where I’m going with this. Stickers, rear window louvers and continental kits were all the rage here in the U.S. and because of this some of the most tasteless vehicles of our time were created. Take for example this 1979 ford Thunderbird that was recently for sale on eBay. To give you an idea of how bad things were back then, just take a look at the following photos. First off you had acres and acres of hideous orange leather interior, 15-inch wheels with faux-spoke hubcaps and an external continental kit with spare tire that added an additional 2-feet to the cars already massive wheelbase. Now don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a part of me that digs this big land yacht, however there is also a part that knows that it should’ve been torpedoed before it ever left the dockyard.

Source: eBay.com

1979 Ford Thunderbird

1979 Ford Thunderbird

1979 Ford Thunderbird

1979 Ford Thunderbird

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2 Responses

  1. rildo says:

    ok – the conty kit doesn’t go with the rest of the car. and this t-Bird generation looks way better thanthe successor imho. one and only crici point is teh silly fake louvers on the fender

  2. T says:

    When I was a kid the lady across the street had a 1979 tbird and she used to give me a ride in it occasionally. It was blue. Powder blue and white on the outside with navy blue leather inside. She was a tiny woman, Florence, and she sat perched on the front edge of the seat, not even touch the seatback. The wheel served as both an interface for steering, but also a handle to keep her from sliding back in to the seat.

    And yet, I remember the car kindly. At that age, I basically couldn’t see out of the thing… I felt like I was riding n the floor…. and the dashboard…. was hideous, as you say. But the thing is, the car was smooth, and it was different and fun. It was always as if she were wearing a fedora at a tilt. A really ugly fedora.