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Eat Chocolate, Win a Camaro: The American Way?

Posted in Camaro, Cars, Chevrolet, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars, muscle cars, Pony Cars, Popular Cars, Tips by Alex Kierstein | September 28th, 2009 | 1 Response |


What could be more American than stuffing your face with mass-produced chocolate bars and then entering to win a modern-day musclecar, the 2010 Chevy Camaro? They’re both full of empty calories but a lot of fun, so why not indulge? After all, the Camaro didn’t exactly come in as a featherweight, what, with all of the brake balancing weights haphazardly glued all over the rotors like some sort of cracked-out kindergarden art project. But hey, the car is unabashadly badass, and who the hell doesn’t like chocolate? As long as you can keep your diabetes in control it’s a combination made in heaven. And seeing as how it’s built to fit our good ol’ cornfed bodies, you shouldn’t have to go on a vitamin-water-and-glue-huffing diet to fit in the damn thing. Hop on over to Hershey’s to enter, and of course, no purchase is required.

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One Response

  1. jessica says:

    Hope I win the comaro love the comaro.and I need a new car to .