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East Coast Car Guys Brace For Hurricane Irene… Bitch.

Posted in Environment, News by MrAngry | August 26th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Hurricane Irene
*Image Credit: HuffingtonPost.com

Ugh… So this is how the 2011 car season on the East coast is going to end; by God deciding to mess up everyone’s plans by smacking us dead in the jaw with hurricane Irene. You see car storage in the Northeast, especially the boroughs (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and NYC) is miserable. In fact it’s not uncommon to see the occasional $100,000 car or vintage muscle car parked on the street or in a driveway. This weekend though may seriously change that. Irene is supposed to hit the New York Metro area late Saturday night and into Sunday, and with it bring up to 12-inch’s of rain and wind gust of over 100 mph. That means that everyone who keeps their beloved rides in a car port, pop-up tent and or on the street is petrified right now of the impending doom that possibly awaits their vehicles. My advice is simple; tuck those cars in good and tight and try, if at all possible to get them into a secure location. Hell, if you live in a place with a secure parking structure then you may want to actually look at ponying up some cash and keeping them there for the weekend. Either way though, prep now because this bitch is going to hit with both fists and I have a feeling her impact is going to hurt.

Good luck Northeast.

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