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E85 Dodge Viper Sets a 220mph Standing Mile Record

Posted in Cars, Dodge, General by will bee | July 15th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

A new record has just been set for the standing mile by a production, street legal vehicle and the car itself is only half the story. The car is an 1100 horsepower Dodge Viper that was built by SVS Power, but the story on top of the story is that the record breaking car was fueled by E85. Take a look at the following video of the completed Viper undergoing some dyno testing.

Pardon me for a moment… the pure throttled rumble of this beast brings a little E85 tear to my eye.

Breaking any speed record in a Dodge Viper does not seem unlikely as they are designed exclusively to pin you fast into the back of your seat. What this acheivement does is fly in the face of all the E85 and ethanol detractors who focus on the loss of power and fuel efficiency in the use of such fuel. Watch the video below as the modified E85 Viper surpases the prior record of 217.6 mph that was recorded by a gasoline powered auto with a 220.7 mph run at the standing mile.

The new record set by the E85 Viper is made just weeks before Ford in collaboration with Ohio State University, Roush and pilot Rick Byrnes will head to the Salt Flats with their Hydrogen powered Ford Fusion racer. The Hydrogen Fusion is equipped with a 770-hp electric motor supplied by OSU and will be seeking to break the 315mph record set by OSU in a prior car. Both records just fuel the enthusiasm behind further research and development in fuel alternatives. Just as in most cases these new car technologies are getting tested in their infancy in race cars before they are put into regular production cars.


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2 Responses

  1. Dee says:

    Loving the sweet sounds of rumble.. VROOOOM!!

  2. Mihdi says:

    I got whiplash just watching it. MY TURN!!!!