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e-mobility Berlin: The German Electric Car Infrastructure

Posted in Commuter Cars, Electric Cars, Mercedes Benz, Plug-In Vehicles, Smart by Corey | September 8th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Daimler and German utility company RWE are joining up to create the world’s largest electric car filling station infrastructure. The project is called e-mobility Berlin

Daimler will provide more than 100 electric cars from Mercedes-Benz and smart as well as the vehicle service. RWE is handling the development, installation and operation of the charging infrastructure accounting for some 500 charging points, the supply of electricity and central control of the system.

Users will pay for the electricity via a special in-car communication system, probably an RFID chip, and the intelligent charging point. The project is being supported by the German federal government as well.

Looks like Berlin is going to be wired for electric cars. Good, let’s use them as the guinea pigs for this grand electro-experiment.

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One Response

  1. Richard Poor says:

    Bravo the great Deutch plug in car experiment! Germany is covered with solar electric arrays. In the summer in Germany, charging an electric or plug in hybrid electric car costs about the same as running a similar size car on gasoline at US$3/gallon. Hopefully, Germany will export the concept.