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Duel for the Crown: Ferrari F40 VS 599 GTB

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Ferrari F40

For some reason I’m drawn to cars with a mechanical look and feel. They are, for all intents and purposes, easier to understand and offer a better driving experience in my opinion. Take the now 24 year old Ferrari F40 for example. When released it had a fully exposed carbon fiber interior, no power steering, sound deadening materials and or car stereo. It was raw and built for one purpose only… to go fast. Now look at the 2011 Ferrari 599. It has every modern accoutrement one could ask for. From satellite navigation, to traction control, to a fully customizable interior, the new 599 is like riding in the Taj Mahal as compared to the F40’s Comfort Inn digs. So why is it then that if you ask just about any real Ferrari enthusiast, they’ll tell you that the F40 is a better car then the 599. My guess is simple… it has soul. Click through for the video and decide for yourself.

Source: Ferrari.com

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