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Dude, You Have To Sleep Sometime

Posted in car modifications, Funny, Funny Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 22nd, 2010 | 1 Response |

I’ve been married for a long time (and yes, to the same woman), and one of the many things I’ve learned is that wives or girlfriends just don’t appreciate the humor in pranks the way guys do. This video is a prime example: if your bud pranked you like this, you’d laugh it off and find an appropriate method of payback (like a drop or two of capsaicin extract in his beer, for example). Women, on the other hand, just don’t have the same sense of humor we do, and tend to hold grudges for a long, long time. I see some serious grief in this dude’s future, and no amount of roses are going to tip that scale back to equal. Your best bet is to change your name and move to a new city, preferably one that you’ve never visited. Better yet, a new country, because your other half doesn’t exactly look like the forgiving type.

Source: You Tube via That Will Buff Out

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One Response

  1. Jim says:

    You should see his one video where he uses contractor grade super glue and glue’s a dildo to her forehead! HAHAHAAHAH