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Dude, I’m Not The Valet

Posted in Funny Videos, Stunts by Kurt Ernst | January 9th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

True story: a buddy of mine was traveling on business. It was a trip from hell, complete with delay after delay after delay; a 4:00 PM arrival turned into a 7:00 PM arrival, then turned into a 1:30 AM arrival. By the time he got to the hotel, his brain was gone, so he pulled his luggage and briefcase and tossed the keys to his rental car to the valet. Problem one was that he left his golf clubs in the trunk; problem two was that Hampton Inn hotels don’t offer valet parking. Several police reports later, the car was eventually located and my buddy was able to laugh about it, but it was a lesson learned. Beware of tossing your keys to the valet, and never come across as arrogant to someone who’s about to drive your car.

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