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DRIVE Season 4 Trailer

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DRIVE on Youtube

It all began back in January 2012 when a bunch of die-hard automobile enthusiasts decided to launch an online automotive channel in conjunction with Google and Youtube. The channel is called DRIVE and the content is nothing short of pure automotive excellence. The mastermind behind DRIVE is J.F. Musial, a soft spoken gentleman with a flair for making anything and everything car related, awesome. 350 episodes, 157,000 subscribers and more than 28,681,000 views later, DRIVE is turning out to be the dominate force in automotive content on the web. The idea was to give viewers a little taste of everything while at the same time, keeping them entertained by getting great automotive hosts who know their stuff. Guys like Chris Harris, Matt Farah, Leo Parente, Wes Siler, Larry Kosilla, Alex Roy and me… Mike Musto. Below is the trailer for DRIVE’s 4th quarter and if you think it looks great, just wait for 2013 because I can promise you this – it’s going to be epic!

Source: Youtube.com/DRIVE

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