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DRIVE: Renault Twizy Review

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Renault Twizy

Chris Harris can usually be seen thrashing about in some form of high end exotic. He’s a hoonigan of the first order and has left his tread marks on countless roads throughout the world. To do this however requires something with a bit of grunt which is why it’s so strange to see him in Renault’s new electric car, the Twizy. At it’s core the Twizy is not a long winded open road car, but a small urban vehicle that, as Harris states, is perfect for something like the rental car market at your favorite tourist destination. From an efficiency standpoint the Twizy is well… not so hot. For instance, it will take you 12 hours of charging to get 50-60 miles of driving, and that’s if you’re easy on the throttle. Keep the go-pedal flat however and you may get a max range of about 30 miles. Be that as it may though the Twizy is an interesting little car for the European market. I just find it amusing that we’ve had the same thing here in the States for years – we however just call them golf carts.

Source: Youtube.com/DRIVE

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One Response

  1. Kristof says:

    You should check your facts before complaining, the Twizy is fully charged in 3,5 hours, and 80% charged in 2,5 hours!