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Drifting Semi Trucks: Wrong or Right?

Posted in Bizarre, Drifting, FAIL, Trucks by MrAngry | December 24th, 2010 | 3 Responses |

Ever watch a sport and think to yourself that it’s simply not right? That’s how I feel about semi-truck drifting. Watching big rigs slide around a race track is like watching a bunch of overweight chicks fight it out for a spot on the dance floor. I mean sure they can dance, but in the end it’s just not an attractive thing to watch. Big rigs, unlike cars, are built specifically to haul large quantities of goods and merchandise from Point A to Point B, so when they’re modified for racing I just have a hard time buying into it. Take this big ole’ Scania tractor in the above video for example. Yes the truck is powerful and yes it’s drifting, but the friggin’ thing is so damn slow that it’s not even exciting to watch. The reason that drifting automobiles works is because of the high speeds, tire smoke and slip angles that the cars achieve during the competition. In short, it’s full of high octane adrenaline and is exciting to watch. Sitting through this however is just painful. Hopefully the majority of the people out there agree with me, because this is one sport that I would hate to see become mainstream.

Source: Youtube.com

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3 Responses

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  2. Set says:

    This, not so much. If you’ve ever seen the big rig hill climbs, though, I love those.

  3. eddie_357 says:

    my guess is that truck racing is popular in some places,and this is a way to show case a popular driver in a promo of sorts.like certain bike races after the tour that show off some of the top riders.