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Dragonfly SF1 Rocket-copter

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In the future, I will fly to work suspended below a whirling, hissing disc of 600-degree Celsius steam. The Dragonfly SF1 rocket-copter has bullet-shaped rocket engines at the tips of its rotors that dissociate a mixture of 70 percent hydrogen peroxide into furious jets of water vapor. The thing splits the very air around it, spitting and screaming like some alien beast. It’s wicked. The Dragonfly can hit 115 miles per hour and reach an altitude of 13,000 feet. With an 18.5-gallon fuel tank, it can fly for 50 minutes at 40 mph. An add-on 16-gallon tank extends range to 100 miles. The whole thing only weighs 234 pounds and can carry 500 pounds. Amazingly, the rocket-copter experiences less vibration and is easier to fly than a conventional helicopter. The Dragonfly is currently being tested, but should be available for purchase in the near future. Expected cost? Can you really put a price on something this awesome?

Source: Swisscopter

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