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Double Amputee Races Motorcycle!

Posted in Motorcycle Rides, Racing, Rides, Videos by MrAngry | March 13th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Double Amputee Races Motorcycle

I’ll be honest, I have no idea who this is, what track they’re on, or what kind of machine their riding and truth be told it doesn’t matter. This gentlemen is a double amputee, but by the looks of how he flogs this bike around a race track you’d never know it. The fact that he’s missing his right arm and leg seems hardly of concern, as the skill this rider possesses is simply astounding. With all the controls set up on the left side of the bike, the rider not only manages to control this machine, but ride it more skillfully then most of the other riders on the track. Ladies and gentlemen, if this isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is! Click through for the amazing video.

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