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Donks, I’m confused.

Posted in Best of, General, News, trends by MrAngry | July 6th, 2012 | 3 Responses |


These days it’s hard to say what constitutes good automotive taste. I mean with new trends coming and going faster than a fart in the wind, determining what’s acceptable isn’t as easy as it used to be. Things like spinner rims, fart-can exhausts and massive tachometers on the dashboards of 4-bangers have thankfully all come and gone. However there’s one trend that’s been sticking around for far too long – DONKS. This is a trend whereby cars are jacked up to the moon and then fitted with a minimum of a 24″ rim and tire combo. They’re ugly, dangerous and at days end, simply ruin any type of performance the car may or may not have had. Personally, I think they’re awful and because of that I’m looking for someone to explain why they’re attractive. So… anyone? Can anyone at all tell me why this trend has been around for so long.

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3 Responses

  1. Ben T. says:

    You know how “gangsters” would “bling”out their SUVs right? You know, fit the biggest, shiniest, low profile rims possible in their SUVs? Well, that trend has transcended into sedans and coupes, but of course the wheel wells of cars aren’t big enough to accommodate those rims so they had to jack-up their cars in order to, in a way, “fit” them. Then from that, they found ways to exaggerate and “stand-out” from the rest, to inappropriately crazy level. Just like the gangster-lean for example-it’s dangerous obviously because you can’t properly see the road and your safety gears won’t operate properly since you are not in the proper seating position they were made for. I’ve seen countless videos of “gangsters” falling off the driver seat, into the back seat or elsewhere because of leaning the seat too far back.
    Anyway, going back, its main appeal is its mean bling factor. But now it has borderlined into the “crazy” territory.
    To put it simply, Donk is to muscle cars (or domestics) as Bosozoku (insane Japanese custom cars, look it up) is to Tuners.

  2. jmesh says:

    “…a trend whereby cars are jacked up to the moon…”

    -Sounds like what Subaru is doing with its popular but awful Outback. Give me low and fun to drive. Heck, even my wife’s Prius can run through a 2 foot deep Colorado blizzard.

    Save The Stick!

  3. KC French says:

    HAHAHA, you hit it on the head Mike! I just drove cross country, and I never thought I’d see a DONK up close and personal, but the South definitely has its fair share. You should check out the article I wrote today! It features some pretty “unique” vehicles I came across on my trip to South Carolina from San Jose CA.