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Dodge Viper To Halt Production In 2010, Successor Due In 2012

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2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR

Contrary to the wash of fantastic, extremely inaccurate reports currently making their way around the web detailing the tragic demise of the iconic Dodge Viper, Chrysler has no intention of killing of the supercharged snake. Heavily revising it beyond the point of recognition, yes, killing it, not exactly.

As detailed during the 6-hour press conference hosted by Chrysler yesterday, the Dodge Viper as we currently know it will cease production in 2010 and be replaced by a Fiat-engineered successor in 2012. What has sparked the deluge of rumors are the suggestions that the new Viper will be such only in theory and bear little (if any) resemblance to the Viper of today.

Fiat has not confirmed anything beyond the production timetable and some sources doubt the new performance Dodge will even carry the Viper nameplate. Some are scandalized by the idea of corrupting the Viper’s Americana design while others look hopefully towards Fiat’s performance brands, Maserati and Ferrari, as a preview of the mysterious replacement to come. To the latter group we say: Maserati TC anyone?

Source: Chrysler

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