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2010 Dodge Viper SRT ACR 1:33

Posted in Dodge, Expensive Cars, Fast Cars by Jon | January 10th, 2010 | 1 Response |

2010 Dodge Viper SRT ACR 1:33

Always remember the great words of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, your last.”  We all want to live by this motto and you are more than likely going to have to sacrifice and arm and a leg to do so. Although the special edition Dodge Viper SRT ACR 1:33 hasn’t been priced yet, with only 33 planned for production, this 600 horsepower beast is sure to put a hole in your wallet.

The 600 horsepower engine matches up evenly with the 2009 model, however with the 2010’s new and improved gear ratio, the top speed of 202 mph is reached faster than in the 2009, 14 seconds faster. And if your still asking yourself, “1:33???”, this Viper’s name honors the record shattering lap time it posted back in November, 1:33:94, more than one second faster than the previous record. But its not only its performance that makes the “1:33″ that makes it so appealing. Its elegant sleek alone captures your imagination. What sets this Viper apart from previous models can be seen right away from a Viper enthusiast.

The two-tone paint scheme of red and black has remained, however the placement of these colors is the exact opposite of the first Viper ACR. Along with the 1:33 edition, several other 2010 Viper models are planned for production, including the Voodoo. Only 10 or 20 of the Voodoo model will be made, the exact number has not yet been confirmed but what we do know is that if you happen to get a hold of one, you will be envied. So it appears that in the final year of the Viper’s current model production we can expect to see several special editions to be released, and with the “1:33″ and “Voodoo” just being an appetizer, we can’t wait to see what the people at Viper have in store.

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    Good article but proofread this thing before posting it. yikes.