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Dodge Viper SRT-10 Roadster “Least Green Car in Britain.” How Is This News?


A British charity organization that focuses on helping the environment by reducing the use of cars has released a report showing that the Dodge SRT-10 Roadster (how they badge the Viper across the pond) is the worst car in Britain (from an environmental standpoint). Which is clearly no great surprise – the 8.3L pushrod two-valve motor is a dinosaur, and it’s up against a load of tiny French cars and other assorted European nonsense.


Probably it’s no surprise that the report compared cars based on their fuel economy, emissions, and other similar metrics. The Honda Insight took the prize for best green car, while the “worst” category was reserved mostly for high-performance German and American offerings. The report can be found here if you want to take a peek, but you probably won’t be surprised by any of the results.

[Source: ETA]

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4 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    But dodge doesn’t offer the Viper in Britain…

  2. Alex Kierstein says:

    Actually, they do. Prodrive converts them to UK standards, and it’s sold as the “Dodge SRT-10 Roadster.” You can read about Prodrive’s relationship to Chrysler with regards to the Viper here: http://www.prodrive.com/level4.html?id=26

  3. andre says:

    why is it called the last green car ? i did,nt quite get the point here..i mean just because it is a speed demon with 8.3 liter under the hood, u can call it the worst car is it ? that is preposterous i feel.. it is a great car undoubtedly..

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