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Dodge Ram Tradesman: It Gets the Job Done.

Posted in Dodge, Domestic Rides, Promoted, Rides, Trucks by MrAngry | February 12th, 2011 | 6 Responses |

2011 Dodge Ram Tradesman

Ever see a pickup truck outfitted with high racks, a trailer hitch and a work-box? Well guess what, that’s a work truck and they keep all sorts of small businesses going year after year. They’re also the backbone of local contractors, municipalities and hard working people all over the country. Dodge understands this and to answer the call they’ll be releasing a new pickup truck called the Tradesman that was specifically designed for the working man. The Tradesman starts off as a normal Ram 1500 ST, but then adds such standard features as a 390 hp/407 lb-ft of torque HEMI V8, a 5-speed automatic transmission, class IV trailer hitch with integrated harnesses, as well as heavy-duty engine cooling and a separate transmission cooler. This all helps the Tradesman to achieve a best-in-class towing capacity of 10,450 lbs. Combine that with painted 17-inch steel wheels and available four-wheel drive and you’ve got a truck that will get just about any job done.

2011 Dodge Ram Tradesman

Other standard features include:
• 160-amp alternator
• 26-gallon (6-foot, 4-inch bed) or 32-gallon (8-foot bed) fuel tank
• 3.55 rear axle ratio
• 700-amp maintenance-free battery
• Air conditioning
• 12-volt auxiliary power outlet
• CD and MP3 player
• Automatic headlamps

2011 Dodge Ram Tradesman

There is also a long list of optional equipment as well that includes everything from a 3.92 axle ratio to chrome exhaust tips. President and CEO of the Ram Truck Brand Fred Diaz stated,

“This is a hard-working truck for hard-working people. Durability, reliability and value for the money are the top three considerations for our customers. Their truck is the most important tool they own and one they’ll use every day. The Ram Tradesman is a truck they can depend on.”

Source: Caression.com

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6 Responses

  1. nospaces says:

    to bad its a dodge.

  2. BigRuss says:

    its a great truck for anyone looking for a fullsized truck on a budget…

  3. Taylor says:

    If Dodge, sorry Ram, will stay on this track we might see the day when it becomes the best selling truck. It seems like the others are more worried about upselling the option laden pigs than possibly selling a few more stripped down units (that don’t cost as much to make) to people who truly do need just a work truck. Leather seats are nice and all but wait until that one time you forget about the screw driver in your back pocket.

    And all things considered, Ram, Ford and Chevrolet all have great trucks. I’ve personally owned at least one of each of them in some form and had no problems from any of them in what I asked of them.

    Personally, I will go for a Ram any day as they still make what I consider the best work truck.

  4. Wing nut says:

    A great idea and target market but the ST version will prob fill most contractors needs. Love to have a Hemi and AC but, in reality, those are luxuries. Not sure of the premium over the ST but it may be approaching the 2500 ST price level.

    • BigRuss says:

      i actually bought a 2010 Ram 1500 ST and the only options i had on my truck was the Sirius Radio, power everything, towing prep, and floor mats… i got it for 25 off the lot… this is a full sized crew cab truck… the HEMI models were an automatic 8 grand more… so with the Tradesman package this truck should come in mid 20’s and make the Chevy/GMC and Ford work trucks a serious run for their money..

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