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Dodge passes on Aerodynamics for boxy design

Posted in Design, Dodge by will bee | September 26th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Dodge Nitro

Looking at the Dodge car and truck line-up for 2007 and 2008 I am left with one burning question that begs for some discussion: Dodge! What have you done with the decades worth of research the world has put into aerodynamics? While some manufacturers build cars that are sweet enough they should probably be delivered to your door in a box, Dodge saw the box and said, “Let’s put some wheels on that thing and fill it with lots of horsepower!”

Now do not go thinking that I am anti-horsepower, because that would be a mistake. I love the horsepower and possess great reverence for the history of the Hemi engine. Dodge however seems to believe that with enough horsepower they can just muscle their way against the opposing forces. In a world where fuel mileage is as much a factor in buying a new car as horsepower is how does Dodge not recognize the effects all that drag has on the potential mileage of the car? Or are they just choosing to deny it?

Dodge Dakota Grille

The main weapon Dodge has designed that creates the greatest drag for their cars and trucks is their trademark grille. Everyone of their vehicles is designed around the same flat, boxy grille with the exception of the Viper (which utilizes a more aerodynamic expression of the Dodge trademark grille opening). While the grille performs a necessary function of bringing a lot of cold air into the engine compartment to aid in cooling, it also acts like a small brick wall upon which the air pushes back against the cars forward motion. There are far sleeker ways to feed cool air upon the radiator, a/c and oil (where applicable).

Ofcourse to some it may seem that I am just picking on Dodge, and in some way maybe I am. There are plenty of other examples of cars by other manufacturers that are in complete denial of the scientific facts that aerodynamics have on cars. However, Dodge is the one manufacturer that has made the box and boxy grille the trademark of their brand, and for that they deserve (and can take) a little bit of ridicule.

What do you think of Dodges trademark grille – that seems to get larger with each new model (ie.. Durango)? What other manufacturers have trademarks that counter-act against any efforts toward streamlined aerodynamics built into their cars designs?

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One Response

  1. M0b1u5 says:

    “Lots of Horsepower”? Come on, stop joking. Amerika struggles to liberate 400 Horse from 7 litres, whereas the Euros get 400 Horse from something the size of a milk bottle.

    But yeah, you got the gist: Amerika wouldn’t know design if it fell on them. Dodge are pitiful cars at best, and positively disgusting at worst.