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Dodge ditches the Ram and goes with “Sporty” stripes for new logo.

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2011 Dodge Logo

It’s no secret that Dodge and Ram are now going in separate directions and because of this there is a push to now visually separate the brands. The RAM logo, a symbol that has been adorning the hoods of Dodge vehicles for the last 16 years will now be fitted to Ram trucks only, with Dodge vehicles getting an entirely new logo. The twin red slashes that signify Chrysler’s SRT models will now become the new face of a hopefully more youthful looking Dodge.

Dodge’s CEO Ralph Giles explains that the new logo will push them in a new direction: “It signifies our sporty character. Most SRTs are Dodges.”

Giles also states that the Dodge name will appear on new vehicles in a script typeface. It will be prominent, but without the red slashes. The red slashes will appear on just about everything that advertises Dodge as a company including merchandise, advertising materials, owners manuals, etc. Dodge is putting a lot of stock in the fact that this new logo will help change their image and help them gain a more youthful audience. Only time will tell I suppose as the first car to get the new logo will be the soon to be released 2011 Dodge Charger.

Source: Autonews.com

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