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Dodge Caliber Has Sticky Accelerator, Too

Posted in Chrysler, Dodge, Recalls, Safety by Kurt Ernst | May 4th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

2007 Dodge Caliber

The NHTSA is investigating reports of stuck throttles on 2007 model year Dodge Calibers. Chrysler is cooperating with the investigation and has narrowed the problem down to vehicles built in March and April of 2006. Guess what? The accelerator pedal assemblies were supplied by none other than CTS Corporation, the same company that supplied the accelerator pedal assemblies for many of Toyota’s recalled vehicles.

Per a Chrysler spokesman, “It appears to be a supplier manufacturing concern, which is mechanical in nature and not a design or electronic issue”. Dodge Calibers are equipped with a brake override system which limits engine power if the gas and brake are applied simultaneously. No accidents or injuries related to a stuck pedal have been reported to date.

This isn’t a full blown recall yet, but you can see it from here. Owners of 2007 Dodge Calibers with questions or concerns can contact the Dodge customer service hotline at (800) 423-6343.

Source: NHTSA launches Dodge Caliber sticky accelerator pedal probe, supplier CTS involved again

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