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Disabled Man’s Go-Anywhere Chair Outlawed Due to Size.

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Tank Chair

Here’s a heartwarming tale that involves a 36 year old British man, his go-anywhere wheel chair and Britain’s DMV. This is Jim Starr and he suffers from arthritis, neurological issues, back and joint problems. To combat these ailments and keep him mobile Jim spent $24,000 on a custom wheelchair (err, tank chair) that is capable of taking him just about anywhere. The problem however lies in the fact the Britain’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has told him that since the chair exceeds the maximum height and width of legal wheelchairs (85cm in width and 125kg), that it’s simply too big to use on British walkways or roads. Granted that’s a big sucker to be tooling down the sidewalk with but I can’t help but think that there could be some kind of concession made. By the way… when did the UK get Rednecks?

Source: Gizmodo

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