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DiRT3: Full Review

Posted in Best of, Games, Other, Promoted, RideLust Review, Video Games by MrAngry | May 24th, 2011 | 6 Responses |

DiRT 3

Over the weekend we brought you a quick promo that Ken Block did for the new release of Codemaster’s DiRT3. It showed Block barreling through boxes, in and out of warehouses and through his typical gymkhana obstacles. His antics in the video however only showcase a fraction of what this game has to offer. I was finally able to get an advanced copy of the game and I can tell you that after two cups of coffee, a big sandwich and 4 hours of continuous game play that this game flippin’ rocks. Now for those of you who are unaware, DiRT3 combines rally driving, arena racing, competitive off-road racing and the sport of gymkhana into one fun filled console player that will keep you busy for hours on end. It also provides a great online multiplayer experience, while at the same time allowing you to upload and share your greatest DiRT3 moments on Youtube. In all seriousness… this game is pretty trick.

DiRT 3

Lets get down to the meat and potato’s though shall we… First off, the physics engine used in DiRT3 is simply incredible as Codemasters has been able to truly recreate the sensation of a car sliding and drifting through corners. I’ve got 20 years of racetrack experience under my belt and I can honestly say that this is the first game that has gotten it right. Transitions from dirt to pavement can actually be felt through the controller with the slides being determined by the smallest of input through the thumbstick. Rally cars, trophy trucks, buggies as well as the 1,000 hp animals from the famed Group-B series that ran from 1983-1985 are all present and accounted for.

There are also multiple game play modes as well. “Time Trial” lets you run against yourself and the clock, “Single Race” mode enables you to run a race anytime, anywhere, in any discipline or you can jump right into the “DiRT Tour”. This lets players run season to season with four championship events being held throughout the specified time period. Depending on how you do, you may, or may not receive offers to move up in the rankings and drive for high profile teams. What I really like about DiRT3 is the total immersion factor that it provides for the player. From the time the introduction screen comes up, to when you put the controller down, DiRT3 truly brings you into an off-road and rally environment that can be as easy or as complex as you’d like. There is also a great online forum that Codemaster’s has set up where you can discuss the game, post photos and get hints on anything and everything related to DiRT3, so make sure you head on over there to check it out. DiRT3 is available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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6 Responses

  1. Set says:

    But the big question for me is, is it as arcade-y as the second one or more simulation-like more like the first one? No one seems to answer that question, which tell me I should just stick to Forza 3 and the original Dirt rather than fork over the money for the new one.

    • PFULMTL says:

      I would say on a scale from arcade to sim, it leans more towards the arcade side. You can drift pretty easily without shifting the weight, so I would say thats very arcade-like.

  2. PFULMTL says:

    Can’t wait to play this. We played the hell out of Dirt2 on PC over WindowsLive and we expect to do the same for Dirt3.

  3. Adam says:

    What platform did you experience the game on?

    Did you use a wheel? If not, what other input device did you use?

    I’m asking because I picked up Shift 2 and the keyboard response makes the game near impossible to play. You either can’t turn accurately and end up crashing into the outside wall or you turn too hard and either slide sideways and get nailed by another racer or slam straight into the apex.

  4. MrAngry says:

    It was played on an XBOX360 using the standard controller. You’d be amazed how accurate the physics actually are.