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DiRT 3 sets to bring Gymkhana to gaming consoles.

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Dirt 3

The United States was first introduced to the sport of gymkhana when entrepreneur and car fiend Ken Block decided to make a Practice Video of himself railing around a gymkhana course in a hopped up Subaru STI. Block then went on to produced and drive in yet another video called The Infomercial, where he up’d the ante and the car. This meant a bigger course, more stunts, more speed and to be honest, a better production value. Well now it looks like Block’s arms are reaching out even further because according to the trailer for the soon to be release video game DiRT3, we’re going to see gymkhana make its debut on game consoles.

Dirt 3

These screen shots came directly from DiRT 3’s new trailer and to say we’re psyched at the premise of participating in a little virtual gymkhana action is an understatement. Now, I don’t know how the game is going to live up to the expectations of gamers, but by simply viewing these screen grabs I can tell you that it’s definitely headed in the right direction.

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