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Detroit Mayor Gets Wheels And Tires Stolen

Posted in Bizarre, Detroit, Funny, General, GMC, Newsworthy by Kurt Ernst | September 5th, 2010 | 1 Response |
2009 GMC Yukon Denali

Hey Detroit, keep an eye out for these wheels, OK?

In what amounts to the ultimate in irony, Dave Bing, the mayor of Detroit, had the wheels and tires from an Executive Protection Unit GMC Yukon Denali stolen. The theft occurred on Wednesday, September 1, while the vehicle was parked in a secure lot at the Shoreline East Condominiums, which the New York Times refers to as a “luxury residence”.

In a masterpiece of political PR doublespeak, Karen Dumas, a spokeswoman for the Bing administration told the Detroit News, “While this issue is unfortunate, it is a microcosm of a larger challenge that we all have the responsibility of addressing. It is our hope that the community will continue to support the efforts of this administration at all levels to communicate that any activity that compromises the quality of life in Detroit is intolerable.”

In other words, Detroit is a great place to live, even if you do need to replace the wheels and tires on your car. Regularly.

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