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Detroit Electric Announces Deal To Compete Against Tesla Model S

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Detroit Electric E46 model
Detroit Electric E46 model

A company with roots in electric car manufacturing going back to 1907, Detroit Electric, announced last week that it was hooking up with Malaysia’s largest auto manufacturer, Proton, to produce a sedan to directly compete against Tesla’s Model S.  Although a steady stream of new Electric Vehicle (EV) announcements is hardly unusual these days, Detroit Electric’s venture may have two factors helping it to succeed.  A reasonable price tag and conservative, mainstream styling.

Detroit Electric E63
Detroit Electric E63
This partnership will allow Detroit Electric to utilize two Proton vehicle platforms in the integration of its own patented electric drive systems and to contract the company to assemble the electric vehicles marketed under Detroit Electric’s brand.

The plan calls for more than 400,000 Pure Electric Vehicles to be sold in Europe, Britain, China and the U.S. by 2012 with the first to arrive in 2010.  Two versions of the sedan, one with a price of between $23,000 and $26,000 and the other between $28,000 and $33,000 will be based on the driving range of the vehicle; 111 or 200 miles on a single charge.  If successful in bringing the car to market at those prices, Detroit Electric will validate many of the proprietary measures implemented in its electric drive train including the very “Back to the Future” sounding, Magnetic Flux Motor Technology.

This announcement is but a precursor to what Detroit Electric hopes will be similar partnerships with companies in other markets that will allow them to broaden its range of models in different automotive segments.

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