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Detroit 3 Plan To Roll Up On White House, Call Congress Outside

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In response to Pelosi’s assignment ordering them to hastily form a solid argument that would convince Congress to approve their $25 billion dollar bailout, the Detroit 3 have organized a march on Washington. Or more specifically, a drive on Washington. This morning, the Detroit Free Press reported that rather then present a professionally executed PowerPoint presentation, Chrysler, Ford, and GM have opted to take their beef outside. Enlisting the help of every industry employee from the suppliers to the assemblers, the Big 3 intend to fulfill Pelosi’s demands by parading troops of their most fuel-efficient, innovative cars up to the steps on Capitol Hill.

Spawned by Tim Leuliette, CEO of New York-based supplier, Dura Automotive, the idea for the march was first pitched to Nardelli, Mullaly, and Wagoner (CEOs of Chrysler, Ford, and GM, respectively) on Friday of last week, and is thus still in the very early stages of development. Currently, the preliminary details of the public demonstration call for the participation of 100+ industry representatives/employees traveling via a motorcade comprised entirely of the various hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles currently available from Chrysler, GM, and Ford. Tentatively scheduled to begin on Sunday, December 7th, the troops will (presumably) begin their march in Detroit, making several stops along the way at rallies and press junkets, before finally arriving in Washington D.C.

Earnestly committed to preserving his own livelihood as well as an American cornerstone, Tim Lueliette explained in a letter to Congress, “The U.S. auto industry is an integral part of the American economic fabric. It has been aggressively and successfully restructuring but it has been caught in a perfect storm that caused an economic crisis over which the industry has no control. The crisis not only endangers that restructuring but the future of one of America’s most important industries.
“As a nation we are in the midst of the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression,” Leuliette continued. “It will deepen if the auto industry collapses. Without federal loans that is not a possibility; it is a certainty.”

While a formal written outline will be submitted by the proposed due date on December 2, representatives of both the automakers and the UAW believe that a visual demonstration is important is just as vital to the future of domestic automakers. Seeking to generate support from the ubiquitous “average American” Dura VP of marketing, Sean McQuire explained, “We want to help dispel the myths [about the Detroit 3]…It’s important to show that these are truly high-tech companies that produce a variety of alternate-fuel and high fuel-efficiency vehicles.”

Source: Detroit Free Press

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One Response

  1. Deartháir says:

    This may be one of the better ideas they’ve had thus far. Of course, if they’da done this in the first place, instead of rolling up in corporate jets, they wouldn’t have the PR problem they have now.

    The real issue here is that the media is not on their side. As the media goes, so will the people. Believe it or not, it’s true. The Formerly-Big Three need to roll out some massive PR campaigns, not to get the people on their sides, but to get the media on their sides. This sort of showmanship is exactly what the media loves, and it needs to happen soon.

    I’m not a big fan of bailing anyone out, but in the case of the Big Three, it just has to be done. Get it over with already.

    All they REALLY need is financing to replace the lines of credit they no longer have. GM needs credit on a scale that virtually no bank in the US can provide. (My bank would currently be salivating to provide that kind of financing, but we can only dream.) When you’re dealing with a company this big, and banks can’t help, the government must..

    So hurry up and give them a fucking bailout, so they can go ahead and build my G8 GXP, thank you.