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Design Student Creates Audi Sled Faux-Concept

Posted in Audi, Bizarre, Design, Off-Roading, Pictures by Alex Kierstein | July 27th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

ice 1

It seems nowdays that any automotive design student with access to the internet can slap a brand on their Photoshop creations and get half the internet abuzz. We’re not knocking the practice – it’s interesting to see what the auto designers of the future are cutting their teeth on. All we’re saying is, aren’t these mock-concepts a little bit attenuated from real life? Case in point: Niklas Palm’s “Audi” Icekraft. It doesn’t exist, Palm doesn’t work for Audi (he’s a student at the the Umeå Institute of Design Bachelor Product Design Program), and fundamentally it’s a 3D rendering of a sail-powered sled. But the guy’s talented, so bear with me as I willingly suspend my disbelief and show you his admittedly pretty renderings.

ice 2

Look but don’t touch. The idea of sailing across the ice face-first seems like an exciting way to get your facial features rearranged. That being said, we hope Richard Branson somehow finds out about this and sets up some sort of Icekraft versus zeppelin race in Antartica to raise awareness of breast cancer in seals. I bet these things would be fun to watch!

[Source: Palm via Autopia]

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