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Descent into Area 51: Part 2 of 3 – Live and Let Drive

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Live And Let Drive

Last week we brought you the story of a little impromptu road trip that took place when I was enlisted as a tour guide for transcontinental record holder Alex Roy. We did some traveling around the city of San Francisco and its outer suburbs and finally came to an end in Modesto, California where I bid Alex farewell. From there Alex contacted J.F. Musial who was kind enough to arrange a stint in the new Infiniti G37 IPL as transportation to Alex’s next stop, the always illusive Area 51. On the way they stopped at the controversial structure known as Bonehenge, we saw Alex’s boxer shorts and also got a chance to take part in Alex’s new show segment, “Made Up History”. Now sit back, relax and click through for part II of “Live and Let Drive”.

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